Steel tube chassis


13' Hoosier


Double Wishbone

Layer 1


Full aerodynamic Package


Yamaha XJ6NA 2013, 4 Cylinders, 600cc


223 kgs

Meet Argo

Argo is the first racecar manufactured by Democritus Racing Team. Its construction was completed in July 2019 at the team’s workshop, granted by the Robotics and Automation Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Furthermore, the team’s supporting workshop in Thessaloniki; JAMSport Suspension Systems, played a detrimental role in the car’s development, under the experienced guidance of Mr. Kyrlagitsis. Argo made its debut appearance in the Italian Formula Student competition, where it ranked 2nd in the efficiency event and 22nd overall, amongst the 46 teams participating in the internal combustion vehicle category.