Our History

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2015 - Creation of Democritus Racing Team

The team begins its course with the first official recruitment. It is structured and organized internally, acquires the necessary knowledge and is ready to start designing.  

2016 - Design of the 1st race car

The aim for the academic year 2016-17 is the completion of the 1st electronic assembly of the car in order to participate in class 3 of the competitions.  

2017 - Participation in FSAE Competition

The team attends its first FSAE competition in Italy and acquires 2nd place in the Business Plan Presentation event and 8th place overall in its competing class.

2018 - Construction of the 1st race car

This year’s goal is the construction of the racecar based on design plans modified after the feedback acquired from the competition. Many parts of the race car have been constructed.